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About Tom



Creating value in places where technique, society and politics have to work together. That motivates me in my work as a stakeholdermanager for large (infrastructure) projects with a high impact on the environment.  As  principles of the Mutual Gains Approach and Deep Democracy are important to me,  I am always working on improving relations and open communication, as well as finding practical win-win solutions for complex problems involving various interests.

I enjoy training and coaching city councils as well as companies in improving their political skills, using my personal experience as a city council member. For public meetings about issues with a high social impact, I am often asked to be the chairman or discussion leader.

In the field of workers participation I train international works councils to improve their knowledge of the Dutch laws, collaboration with the management and their capacity to deal with organisational issues, acting as a sparring partner for the management and being a credible representative of the employees.

I studied public administration and worked in the private as well as the public sector. Especially in the field of public participation and stakeholdermanagement for large infrastructure projects. In 2008 and 2009 I worked in sales for Universitas Financial and as a guest lecturer at McGill University in Montreal (Canada). In that period I volunteered in the Obama Campain in Philadelphia. After my return to The Netherlands I worked for a consultancy firm (De Beuk Organisatieadvies) and in local politics in Amsterdam. Since 2015 I am self employed. Together with my wife and two children I live in the city of Leiden.